Creative Wedding Hashtag Ideas to Celebrate the Big Day

shutterstock_450145144Everyone has a camera in their pockets these days and can’t wait to capture every memorable and meme-able moment. Your friends and family will be excitedly snapping pictures at the ceremony and the reception, capturing both from every angle and saving moments you may miss. How can you be sure to see all these images that make it to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter? By encouraging your guests to use wedding hashtags on social media. A clever hashtag will keep all of the impromptu wedding photos your guests take in one easy to find place. But how do you find the perfect hashtag and help your guests know what it is? This helpful guide will give you some bold wedding hashtag ideas and useful tips.

clever hashtag will keep all of the impromptu wedding photos your guests take in one easy to find place.

The Perfect Guest List

#SomethingOld #Something New

A great place to start writing creative wedding hashtags is trying to incorporate the last names of the couple. Many of the top wedding hashtags play on the idea of either dropping a last name or picking up a new one. One popular technique is to rely on alliteration which is when words start with the same sound. Examples include #ComingUpCooper or #PickingPerkins. Sometimes it’s best to take a simple approach. It’s common for wedding hashtags to include both the bride and groom’s last names and phrases like “get hitched”, “tie the knot”, or “say I do”. Additionally, many brides will use only their maiden name in their hashtag with simple phrases such as #JohnsonNoMore.

No matter which route you decide to take, keep it simple, stupid. Nobody is going to remember or want to use your hashtag if it’s a full paragraph and is full of words they’re not sure how to spell. So make sure your hashtag is something quick, memorable, and family-friendly enough for people to feel comfortable putting on their own social media feeds. Once you choose a wedding hashtag, be sure to search it on social media to see if it’s a popular choice for several weddings. You don’t want photos to be lost among dozens of other couples’ memories. If a hashtag is cluttered, you can add personal touches like your wedding date  or venue.


A well-played pop culture reference can take your wedding hashtag to the next level whether it’s a play on a hit song title or a classic movie quote. It’s especially fun if you can center your hashtag around something you and your fiance both enjoy like a favorite book or tv show. Pop culture references like this are a great way to add a touch of personality to the wedding and reception in an informal and fun way. We love these examples we’ve seen:

  • #CanYouNealTheLove
  • #WedLongAndProsper
  • #YuGotItDude
  • #TheBryceIsRight
  • #GrangerThings
  • #WaltersIsTheNewBlack
  • #GameOfJones


This is where it can get really fun if you’re willing to get creative. Using the bride or groom’s last name – or both if it works – in a pun is a surefire way to get some laughs on the big day from your friends and family. It’s not always easy to make a play on words with you or your fiance’s last name, but it can always be pun. What phrases you can use that still make sense depends on your names but if you pick the right one it’ll be sure to bring a smile to your faces for the rest of your lives together. Some of our favorites include:

  • #NewlyWebbs
  • #ChelseyFoundHerColeMate
  • #MayIHaveThisLance
  • #TurnThePaigeToReeves
  • #ThisLoveIsVeale


Once you have a wedding hashtag you love the next step is to make your guests aware of it. It’s not the same if the only posts in your hashtag are the ones you put there yourself. Encourage your guests to use it themselves. One way to do this is to use hashtag yourself on any wedding related social media posts you have leading up to the big day. This can include dress shopping, countdown posts, bachelorette party posts, etc. It’s also crucial to have a wedding hashtag sign at your reception that tells your guests about your hashtag whether it’s a chalkboard by the guest book or a sign at the photobooth or something else. Additionally, there are ways to show the photos in your hashtag during the reception with hashtag walls and similar products. For these it’s important to be sure your wedding hashtag is unique so it doesn’t get filled with riff raff from other people’s weddings. This day is supposed to be all about you, after all.

Our final and most important tip is don’t stress yourself out over something like a wedding hashtag. Not everyone is meant to be a wedding hashtag maker. Ask one of your funny friends what they think sounds best or try out a wedding hashtag generator. Look through a list of wedding hashtags and see if that gives you any inspiration. Obviously a hashtag generator has its limitations, but there are even services where you can have professional writers craft one for you.

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